[Mailman-Users] Looking for config info

JRS jrs at oup-usa.org
Mon Jun 19 22:14:18 CEST 2000

Does anyone know where I can find the following config options:

msg_footer (nondigest): Footer added to mail sent to regular list members
Text appended to the bottom of every immediately-delivery message. 

This text can include %(field)s format strings which are resolved against the
list's attribute dictionary (__dict__). 

I see how to configure the footers, but I cannot find any listing of what
fields I can put in the footers other than the "useful" examples which seem
limited to what is already in use in the footer.  In particular, i am looking
for the whole of the list's attribute dictionary "(__dict__)" from above.


J. Simmons
Web Coordinator, Oxford University Press
jrs at oup-usa.org
919/677-0977 ext. 5351

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