[Mailman-Users] RPM installation error

Derek Simkowiak dereks at kd-dev.com
Tue Jun 20 02:49:09 CEST 2000

	I installed MailMan off the 2.0beta RPM, and am having a problem
with the archives.  When I click on the link for the archive of my list, I
get a 404 not found.

	This then shows up in my Apache log file:

[Mon Jun 19 17:45:16 2000] [error] [client] script not
found or unable to stat: /usr/lib/mailman/cgi-bin/pipermail

	When I look for that on my system, it's not there:

[root at platinum html]# ls /usr/lib/mailman/cgi-bin/
admin*    archives*  handle_opts*  options*  roster*
admindb*  edithtml*  listinfo*     private*  subscribe*

[root at platinum /]# find / -name pipermail
[root at platinum /]# 

	Has the name of the archiving script changed?  I thought it might
be the "archives" script, but I really don't know how to go about changing
my installation... (which is why I used an RPM in the first place :)

	Should I just grab the latest tarball and copy the file
"pipermail" from it?  Or is there a more elegant solution to this problem?

	As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Derek Simkowiak
dereks at kd-dev.com

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