[Mailman-Users] RPM installation error

Derek Simkowiak dereks at kd-dev.com
Tue Jun 20 03:02:59 CEST 2000

-> You have to actually read the instructions.
->          Alias /pipermail/ $prefix/archives/public/

	Did that:

[root at platinum conf]# grep piper /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 
Alias /pipermail/ /usr/lib/mailman/archives/public/

	As a matter of fact, the RPM actually put that line there for me,
and even restarted the Apache webserver for me when I installed it.
There's a file called "README.rpm" which tells you exactly what steps you
need to take after the RPM installation, and editing httpd.conf isn't one
of them.

	I'm fairly certain the crux of the problem is that I have no file
called "pipermail" on my hard drive.  I just want to know if I should copy
the one from the tarball, or if there's a new (2.0-only) replacement
called "archives" that I should symlink to, or what.


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