[Mailman-Users] beginner

Leonardo Rochael Almeida lra at insite.com.br
Tue Jun 20 20:28:11 CEST 2000

Hi Sandra,

First of all, whenever something goes wrong with e-mails, check your mail
logs (/var/log/maillog if it is a Conectiva Linux with a rpm packaged mta
such as sendmail, I think. Godoy can correct me on this :-). Then check
mailman logs (~mailman/logs).

Unfortunately there isn't much else we can tell you without more
information about your problem and your system.

Regards, Leo.
System Administrator
Insite Internet Solutions

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Sandra Milena Tibocha Roa wrote:

> [...]
> I instaled Mailman 1.0  in Linux, I create a list for my company(its
> name is test), I can view Administration`s page, I can use all its
> options (General, Memberships, Privacy, ..) But when I send a message to
> the list, its no delivered for the members of "test".....

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