[Mailman-Users] mailman 2.0beta2 problems

Brian M Dial bdial at rkkengineers.com
Tue Jun 20 22:21:54 CEST 2000


I've installed mailman 2.0beta2, the correct way it seems but I have one
small problem.  When I go to the admin page to administrate, i.e. add
users it doesn't seem to be retaining my password across pages. 
Everytime I click on a link in the administrative area, it brings me
back to the login page, at which time I can enter my password and it'll
take me to the page I want.  This causes problems though with like
membership management, because if I enter the emails i want subscribed,
and press the submit button it brings me back to the login page.  If I
enter the admin password it brings me back to the membership management
area but does not subscribe the users I entered into the box.

Any ideas what might be wrong?


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