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Evilio del Rio edelrio at icm.csic.es
Thu Jun 22 10:18:32 CEST 2000

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On Tue, 20 Jun 2000, Fergus Donohue wrote:

> Hi,
> Could someone give me some info on the following? I want to allow all
> users in a particular mail domain to post to a list - I've searched the
> archives and found the answer "add @domain.tld to the field Addresses of
> members accepted for posting to this list without implicit approval
> requirement."  I've tried this and also some regular expression
> variations on it and can't get it to work. I also tried the same in
> "Addresses always held for Approval" (making the list open and add a
> regex to hold anything not in domain @domain.tld). Again no luck! Can
> someone give me an example of how they're doing this?
> Thanks,
> Fergus Donohue.
[Note: I have already sent a message similar to this one 
	but I had no reply.]

Hi Fergus,

Some days ago I was searching for the same feature. AFAIK, this is not
possible with the current stable distribution (I haven't tried with
the developement one).

Now the good news: it is easy to patch Mailman to accept a regular
expression as the "posters" settings (addresses allowed to post to a
restricted list even if they are not members). I have patched the
following file:


(/home/mailman is where I installed it)

The result of the "diff" between the patched file vs. the
original one are (you can use patch if you want to try):

> import re
<         posters = Utils.List2Dict(map(string.lower, mlist.posters))
- ---
>       isposter = 0
>       for poster in mlist.posters:
>               isposter = isposter or re.compile(poster,
<            not Utils.FindMatchingAddresses(sender, posters):
- ---
>            not isposter:

Then, you must set the "posters" settings to something like that:

	.+ at my.domain.com

If you do it via Web it's on the "Privacy Options", under the label
"Addresses of members accepted for posting (...) in addition to allowing
posting by list members"

or if you use /home/mailman/bin/config_list, you must set the following in
the input config file:

	posters = ['.+ at my.doma.in']

I would like to know if this is works for you.

I would also like to hear some comments about this patch because I am a
begginer in python and I do not know quite well if this is the correct
place to implement this feature. I propose that this or a similar feature 
must be included in the standard Mailman distribution (that's why I send
this message to the developers list)


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