[Mailman-Users] multiple domains

Josh Huber huber at mclx.com
Fri Jun 23 19:27:00 CEST 2000

I'm setting up mailman and I'm having some trouble with it thinking that
different domains pointing to the same IP are virtual domains.  It appears
as though I need the opposite of what people want in the mailing list
archives for this list.

We have three domains which are all essentially equivilant -- how can I get
mailman to think so?

When I enter the URL as whatever is specified in mm_cfg.py, mailman/listinfo
correctly gives me a list of the mailing lists hosted on that machine, but
when I use one of the alternate domains, it thinks there are no publicly
advertised lists.

Thanks for the help in advance,
6B21489A | GnuPG ID/Fingerprint | huber at mclx.com |
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