[Mailman-Users] new install not working

Morrow, Thomas MorrowTh at missouri.edu
Sat Jun 24 18:06:14 CEST 2000

I have just set up my second Mailman list and neither one has worked at all.

The list is set up for replies to go back to the list.

As far as I have gotten is the list is sending out welcome messages.

When a member tries to post to the list the mail is either returned
undeliverable or a message returns saying the mail is being held for admin

When I go in as admin and try to approve for delivery nothing happens.

I am setting this up through the control panel my site host provides which
asks add list?  I say yes and fill out the name and password and click

I can make changes to the general options page and all other admin pages but
nothing I have tried makes the list work.

I am not getting any help from my site host as far as tech support. I do not
think they know anything about this mailman stuff.

Any help would be appreciated I have been messing with this for a month on
and off with no success.

Tom Morrow

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