[Mailman-Users] Adding old Archives

Dovey J, Mr pjcd at maties.sun.ac.za
Mon Jun 26 12:51:53 CEST 2000


I have just moved one of my lists to Mailman. I have been running the list
for about 6 years now on various systems/hosts, but I have always have an
alias subscribed to the list that archived messages to a unix mbox. What I
would like to know is if there is a way that I can add all the messages in
the old archives that I have to the archive of the MailMan list.. 

I have seen the arch program in the bin directory, but it seems as if this
is only to _rebuild_ the entire archive from the mbox file. What I am
looking for is the ability to run the same (or similar) program against
about 6 other mbox files and have the messages added to the lists archive?
Does anyone know if this is possible ?


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