[Mailman-Users] Private archives and wilma/glimpse/mhonarc

Kevin M. Myer kevin_myer at iu13.k12.pa.us
Tue Jun 27 15:10:12 CEST 2000


I have wilma/glimpse/mhonarc setup as an archiver, using mostly Todd
Pfaff's instructions and scripts and its working really well for lists
that have public archives.  However, I can't seem to figure out the
combination to have it work with a public list but private archive.  

Here is what happens - with a public list but private archive, I'm taken
to a URL <http://list-server/mailman/private/listname> where I need to
enter a subscriber name and password.  Clicking on the Submit Query button
takes me the equivalent of
/home/mailman/archives/private/listname/index.html on the file
system.  This is a file that I think wilma or glimpse creates but
unfortunately, its always blank.  Ideally, I'd like it to be the same
interface that I get with wilma so that authorized users can search
private archives too.  However, there's nothing stopping a user from just
using the wilma/glimpse layout to request a private list archive.  For
example, if test-list is a public archive but I want private archives, I
can still access the private archives by going to

I think all my problems would go away if I could get the
/home/mailman/archives/private/listname/index.html file to be a non-zero
file with real content.  Maybe thats what I should aim for (and the
mailman list archives seem to be broken - I keep getting 502 Proxy
errors so I can't search :/).

Does anyone have wilma/glimpse/mhonarc working with private archives?



Kevin M. Myer
Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

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