[Mailman-Users] New to Mailman, have a few questions?

Joel Sussman martindirectory at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 28 02:52:24 CEST 2000

Hello List,

1) I am setting up Mailman to send out messages only, at this time. Is there 
anything special that I have to configure in the program to optimize this 

2) Is there a way to compose a message within the admin page(s) so that I 
don't have to send an email to the list. Then have this message or messages, 
that was composed somewhere within the admin page(s), broadcasted to all the 
list memebers?

3) I do not want to indicate the return address as the mailing list, perhaps 
another email address, how do I change this?

Any response(s) will be most appreciated. Thank you.


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