[Mailman-Users] Extremely High Membership lists

Derek Simkowiak dereks at kd-dev.com
Thu Jun 29 00:56:16 CEST 2000

-> As I've written previously to this list, I'm a big Exim fan. 
-> experience is that Postfix/QMail are going to sustain and perform
-> better than Exim.

	The last couple of posts suggest that Sendmail sucks eggs when
compared to the alternatives.  I've also read that Sendmail has a "shaky"
security history.

	So I'm left wondering: If Sendmail is so inferior, why is it so
popular?  Why is it the default MTA on Red Hat and Mandrake, the two most
popular Linux distros out there?  Does it have some competitive advantage
over the other MTAs?


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