[Mailman-Users] Extremely High Membership lists

J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Thu Jun 29 05:12:15 CEST 2000

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000 19:57:23 -0700 (PDT) 
Dan Mick <Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM> wrote:

>> a) To know exactly what I was approving, and thus not miss
>> something untoward toward the end of a message.

> Yes, I miss this too.  I wish the textareas had the entire message
> in it, so that they have both wonderful attributes of 1) not
> taking up page after page of browser area, but 2) having the whole
> daggone message (or at least the first N kB, where N is
> configurable).

As I later wrote, this is configurable with the v2beta by setting
ADMINDB_PAGE_TEXT_LIMIT.  Look in ~mailman/Mailman/Default.py for

>> b) To copy off the held message locally, for local editing and
>> resubmitting, say with editorial/moderation comments.

> You can do that with a "discard/forward to" or "hold/forward to".
> The "forward to" is nifty.

I don't see that feature -- it must be newer than the beta I've

>> The new moderation interface prevents both those abilities, and
>> is not configurable to return to the old format.

> I don't want the old format; 

Hehn.  I rather liked the old plain format.  It made things very
easy.  <shrug> Little matter.  The new format with my patch is
(almost) good enough.

> I want that very-slight tweak to the new format (configurable
> textarea size), with the perhaps other tweak of "80-column
> textarea width".

> If you agree, I'm about to code that anyway.

I've already submitted a patch for that.

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