[Mailman-Users] private archives not found

Ron Peterson rpeterson at wallacefloyd.com
Thu Jun 29 16:13:39 CEST 2000

I'm using Mailman-2.0beta2.

First of all, wow, what a nice program!

I've gotten a couple of lists up and running.  They both seem to be
working fine.  The first list I set up has public archives.  They work

I set up the second list, then went to the adminstrative page for the
list, and restricted posting to members only, and made the archives
private.  I have posted several messages to this list.  I've recieved
them o.k., so things seem to be working.

When I attempt to view the web archive, I'm asked to authenticate
myself.  Afterwards, the page returned says:

Archive File Not Found
No file /everyone/ (/home2/mailman/archives/private/everyone/)

In fact, looking in /home2/mailman/archives/private, this is what I see:
everyone.mbox, test, test.mbox.  everyone.mbox is empty.  There is no
folder 'everyone'.

I tried creating directory 'everyone', with the same permissions as
'test'.  Then I posted another message to the list.  That didn't work

I also switched my original list to have private archives.  I log into
the list, and it appears to be working just fine.  So my Apache
permissions must be o.k.

What went wrong with the second list, and how do I fix it?  Should the
first posting go to a public list, then switch the archive to private???


Ron Peterson
Systems Manager
Wallace Floyd Design Group
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rpeterson at wallacefloyd.com

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