[Mailman-Users] Default option about whether to archive or not

JOHN BLEASDALE jbleasdale at rm.com
Thu Jun 29 16:32:13 CEST 2000

I am getting confused about how to configure a default archiving option for
new lists that I create.

I have the defaults set up as I require and these work fine for new lists,
except for the "Archive messages?" option which always starts on Yes. For
efficency, I want this to default to No, but start archiving if the list
owner changes it to Yes. I have searched through Defaults.py and cannot find
a way of ensuring that the "Archive messages?" option starts on No.

I am using 2.0b2 and have entries in mm_cgf.py for PRIVATE_ARCHIVE_URL,
all set up to use MHonArch. I also have ARCHIVE_TO_MBOX = 0 and this is
causing me most confusion. 

Defaults.py says:

#-1 - do not do any archiving
# 0 - do not archive to mbox, use builtin mailman html archiving only
# 1 - archive to mbox to use an external archiving mechanism only
# 2 - archive to both mbox and builtin mailman html archiving -
#     use this to make both external archiving mechanism work and
#     mailman's builtin html archiving.  the flat mail file can be
#     useful for searching, external archivers, etc.

This option suggests how archiving shoulld work, _if archiving is desired_
rather than whether it shoud happen by default.

Have I missed something obvious?


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