[Mailman-Users] Question: signup box kluge

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Fri Jun 30 01:10:21 CEST 2000

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> At 08:07 PM 6/28/2000, Dan wrote:
> >The answer was "what's the question"?
> >
> >What does it mean to "type an email address and hit a submit button"?
> >Yeah, one could add that right away:
> >
> ><FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=....uh....what?>
> [note to developers: is there a more elegant way to implement this?]
> The list is not being very helpful today.  I think that what 
> this person 
> wants is something like the quickie subscription boxes that 
> you see for 
> eGroups of ListBot.    I have been working on something like 
> this for a few 
> lists that I run.  As long as security is not that important, it is 
> possible to work the subscription box into a web page.

I was the first reply, and will take full responsibility for not being
helpful.  However, I, and at least one other person, was not clear on what
this person wanted to do.  I asked politely for some clarification, but
didn't get any.  Sorry if that offended anybody, but we really didn't
understand the question

> NOTE: this is a really quick kluge.
> NoTE:  this is really not secure, I only use it on lists 
> where it does not 
> matter that much.
> To use:
> Drop into a page.  Edit the ACTION line to point to the proper 
> server/listname on your MM server.  Also edit the two 
> password fields so 
> that they are the same.  What this will do is provide an 
> initial password 
> for the user, making joining easy.  What this will also do is 
> provide the 
> same initial password for all users, so IT IS NOT REALLY 
> SECURE.  At least 
> change it to something sufficiently random looking to 
> encourage people to 
> change it themselves.

If you've got any sort of scripting language available on your server, like
ColdFusion, PHP, or whatever, it should be easy enough to generate a random
password here.  

>  > --- Todd LaClair <todd.laclair at mail.dreamtheater.com>
> > > > wrote:
> >
> > > >If I wanted to have a box on my webpage where a user 
> would type their 
> > email
> > > >address and hit a submit button. Would MailMan be the 
> best product to 
> > manage
> > > >this user list?
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