[Mailman-Users] Beta3 & qrunner

Joseph Gray jgray at lcdfnm.org
Fri Jun 30 17:47:14 CEST 2000

I was experimenting with beta2 over the last week and was eagerly awaiting
beta3. I installed beta3 and ran into two problems. The first was the
"newlist" bug, which is now fixed. The second is that everytime "qrunner" is
run by cron, an email is sent to root (via the mailman alias). Here is the
text of that email:

  Reading database ...
  Adding message to /home/mailman/archives/private/junk

  Writing mail ...
  Writing /home/mailman/archives/private/junk/index.html ...
  Writing /home/mailman/archives/private/junk/threads.html ...
  Writing database ...
  3 messages

I solved this for now by simply redirecting stdout to /dev/null in the
crontab. This was not a problem with beta2. What changed?

BTW, I am using MHonArc as an external archiver, if it matters. However, I
was also running MHonArc with beta2.

Despite these minor problems, I am very pleased with Mailman and am planning
on running some real mail lists with beta3 very soon (unless something major
blows up).

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