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Gerrit Holl gerrit at nl.linux.org
Wed Mar 1 08:47:56 CET 2000

<quote name="Robin Dunn" date="951833258" email="robin at alldunn.com">
> I started up a couple mailman lists on Sunday, with about 600 total
> subscribers.  Since then I have gotten around 450 bounce messages that don't
> seem to be handled by the automatic bounce processor in Mailman.  Is there a
> way to teach Mailman about these messages so it handles them automatically?

Were those bounces on the mailinglist or on the -owner addrs? Mailman
sends all bounces to the -owner addrs because it's possible Mailman
accidently declares a non-bounce message as a bounce.

You'll need to dive into the code to to this.

> (I checked the archives about this and although I found some threads
> discussing it there didn't seem to be any resolution that I could find...)
> Please help!

The Mailman 1.2 beta is a lot better at this than Mailman 1.1 is. In Mailman
1.2b1 (latest CVS snapshot, ran by www.python.org), there is a directory
in the distribution, called Mailman/Bouncers. You will see a couple of
modules there, all with a 'process' function. The BouncerAPI modules will
'pipe' all email to those functions, returning either a list of bouncing
addrs or None. You can add a module this way:

    1) Create a module called Zmailer (for example), with a 'process'
       function. That function should return either a list of all bounced
       messages in an email or None and it takes an instance of mimetools.
       This 'process' function takes two arguments; the former is an
       instance of the MailList class, the latter is an instance of
       the mimetools.Message class. 
    2) Go to the pipeline list on lines 37-44 in
    3) Add the name of your module there.
    4) Post the result at mailman-developers at python.org ;).

Note that this is all Mailman 1.2b1!


Hope this helps!


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