[Mailman-Users] hyper-mail vs. pipermail??

Jim Tay jtay at YorkU.CA
Mon Mar 6 22:08:00 CET 2000

> Demian> Has anyone tried to make the swap? Is there a reason not to
> Demian> do this?
> ...various deficiencies of Hypermail deletia...
> Or, to put it simply:
>   MHonArc is a heck of a lot better, faster, more configurable, etc.

I'm debating between using Hypermail and MHonArc now, and one thing I
like about Hypermail is that it has a "Reply" button on each posting so
you don't need a copy of the original in your mailbox in order to keep
your reply in a thread.  Does MHonArc do this?


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