[Mailman-Users] hyper-mail vs. pipermail??

Todd Pfaff pfaff at edge.cis.mcmaster.ca
Tue Mar 7 01:54:57 CET 2000

On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Jim Tay wrote:

> I'm debating between using Hypermail and MHonArc now, and one thing I
> like about Hypermail is that it has a "Reply" button on each posting so
> you don't need a copy of the original in your mailbox in order to keep
> your reply in a thread.  Does MHonArc do this?

it doesn't by default, but i you could add this using one of the page
layout resources in the mhonarc rc file.  have a look at:


and look at the MSGHEAD, TOPLINKS, BOTLINKS, or MSGFOOT resources.
write some html in one of those resources to create a mailto link
to the desired reply-to address.

i use this technique to create a Reply mailto link in the BOTLINKS section
of each message and i use listname at mailman.my.domain as the reply address.

i saw your other message about netscape, in-reply-to and message id, and i
assume this is related.  i don't know the answer to your question about
netscape and in-reply-to, but with respect to mhonarc, the message id is
one of the variables that you can use in the mhonarc resources i mentioned
above.  so, you could include the mssage id in the html that mhonarc
creates, but i don't know how this will be useful to your mua.

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