[Mailman-Users] hyper-mail vs. pipermail??

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Tue Mar 7 03:39:08 CET 2000

On Mon, 06 Mar 2000 16:08:00 -0500 
Jim Tay <jtay at YorkU.CA> wrote:

> I'm debating between using Hypermail and MHonArc now, and one
> thing I like about Hypermail is that it has a "Reply" button on
> each posting so you don't need a copy of the original in your
> mailbox in order to keep your reply in a thread.  Does MHonArc do
> this?

It doesn't do that automatically, but it is a fairly easy task to
setup the RC's to generate a "REPLY" button which POSTs the relevent 
data from the message in question to a CGI which then allows a
message to be edited and sent.

If you're exererienced at all with PHP or Zope, it shouldn't take
you much more than 30 minutes or so.

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