[Mailman-Users] Virtual Domains

Sergio A. Murillo sam at unah.hondunet.net
Wed Mar 8 01:44:36 CET 2000

I've been trying to configure Mailman to work with a virtual domain on a web
server with serveral virtual domains. I read  William R. Dickson sugestion
of installing a copy of mailman for each of the virtual domains.
How do i do this?/?? I've been traying all week now and still no luck...

This is what I have.
BTW my server is a Redhat 6.1 Pro with SecureWeb 3.01

apples.com has mailing lists (which works fine). This domain is the "main
domain" (not a virtual domain)

The Root directory is

Now I have a virtual domain, oranges.com and this is in

OK... The original mailman installed in /usr/share/mailman. The second
mailman went to /www/oranges.com/mailman. The idea is to setup all the
mailman (mailmen?) on the /www/virtual.domain.com/mailman

How Can I tell them apart on the httpd.conf??? Can you add several
Scriptalias as /mailman/ ???

How can I make one mailling list to go out (and come back) as appples.com
and oranges.com??

Do I work with virtual mailing users instead of aliases or do I use both?

Can you please help me? if not can you refer me to someone who can...

Thank in advanced!!!

Sergio A. Murillo
sam at unah.hondunet.net

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