[Mailman-Users] Virtual Domains

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Wed Mar 8 07:57:21 CET 2000

Sergio A. Murillo wrote:
> I've been trying to configure Mailman to work with a virtual domain on a web
> server with serveral virtual domains. I read  William R. Dickson sugestion
> of installing a copy of mailman for each of the virtual domains.
> How do i do this?/?? I've been traying all week now and still no luck...
You have to build Mailman multiple times, each time with a diferent
--prefix= configuration.  (Maybe /var/mailman/domain1.moredomain,
/var/mailman/domain2.moredomain2, etc.).  Don't forget to change
Mailmam/mm_cfg.py appropriately in each installation!  Of course you
need an MTA with virtual domain support (I've got it working with qmail
or postfix), to feed mail to each domain to the right scripts in each

This is really ugly if you've got a lot of domains, because not just
the list information but also all the scripts have to be duplicated.


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