[Mailman-Users] Setting up read-only list

Chuck Dale bug at aphid.net
Mon Mar 6 13:23:22 CET 2000

Hi There.

> > 2. Is there still no way to disable the user password req upon
> > subscription?  Or is there any "recommended" way of having a password
> > assigned by Mailman?  Bottom line is that we want subscribers to only
> > have to enter their email address.  Nothing more.
> You can create your own subscription form that generates an email to the 
> yourlist-request@ address. In this email you can give a subscription command
> w/o a password option. Mailman will then automatically generate a password
> for the user. Also, turn off the montly password reminders. Downside is to
> unsubscribe they'll need that password or they mailman-owner password, which
> you *don't* want to give out. 

This is the biggest problem I'm experiencing implementing Mailman at the
moment. I really need a feature to turn off passwords completely (for
        users, not administrators).

Security and passwords may be important for standard lists like mailman
and Gnome lists etc, but I need to create lots of little groups which
have no need for protection of unsubscription, because the users
understand little enough about what a mailing list actually is without
needing to work out what the password is when they want to unsubscribe.

Turning off monthly reminders and changing the subscribe message is not
a solution because the password is still required for unsubscription.

Will this be available in a later release of mailman (I'm running 1.0)?
Or is there an easy way to do it now?


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