[Mailman-Users] post aproval throught python interactive mode

Jean-Bernard ADDOR jbaddor at crossworld.echo.org
Mon Mar 13 21:32:18 CET 2000

Hey Mailpeople!

How can I approve posting using the python interactive mode. I read the
README file in mailman directory so I can put my list in an object l.
I have seen the items waiting with l.requests. I would now let them pass.
How can I do it.

My web interface has the already known problem:

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000 09:49:38 -0500 
Tim Sailer <sailer at sailer.itd.bnl.gov> wrote:

> I can enter the password, but every time I try to submit the form,
> or change screens, it blows me back to the login screen with the
> same error message.  No messages in any of the log files for
> Mailman or the web server.

I would like to let message retained be posted, before deleting lists and
recreating them (a lot of work !!)


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