[Mailman-Users] Got milk?

Allen Bolderoff allen at harper.gist.net.au
Tue Mar 14 02:56:36 CET 2000


I have had this problem too, and found it to be that Roxen sets a RoxenUserid 
cookie, that mailman confuses with it's cookie (a problem I have mentioned and 
explained many a time on this list)

Do this:
remove all cookies from your browser in respect to the server you are 

try again,

if this don't work, try telling roxen to not set a unique cookie, then remove 
all cookies ant try again.

If that don't work, I saw this once before when the "Base URL of the list in 
the list admin interface" got changed, therefore the cookie was pointing to 
the wrong place.

try changing the cookies' path to point to the path of the page with the error 

email me if this is not coherent enough.


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