[Mailman-Users] Got milk?

Tim Sailer sailer at sailer.itd.bnl.gov
Tue Mar 14 16:04:23 CET 2000

On Tue, Mar 14, 2000 at 12:26:36PM +1030, Allen Bolderoff wrote:
> Tim,
> I have had this problem too, and found it to be that Roxen sets a RoxenUserid 
> cookie, that mailman confuses with it's cookie (a problem I have mentioned and 
> explained many a time on this list)
> Do this:
> remove all cookies from your browser in respect to the server you are 
> accessing.
> try again,
> if this don't work, try telling roxen to not set a unique cookie, then remove 
> all cookies ant try again.
> If that don't work, I saw this once before when the "Base URL of the list in 
> the list admin interface" got changed, therefore the cookie was pointing to 
> the wrong place.
> try changing the cookies' path to point to the path of the page with the error 
> message.

That's exactly what happened! Whee! Thanks to everyone for the help!


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