[Mailman-Users] multiple mail message

Marcos Jose Candido Euzebio marcos.euzebio at bcb.gov.br
Tue Mar 14 16:45:53 CET 2000

I checked the archives and there were a few messages on this thread without
a proper solution being found though, besides waiting for version 1.2.

We are experimenting the same problem here with our listserver.  We run
mailman, version 1.1, on top of sendmail.

There is a list with about 1.700 subscribers.  Mailman delivers the messages
in four batches (500+500+500+~200) and that is fine, however it insists in
always duplicating one of the batches, sent twice.  There is no observable
pattern on the duplication.  It may be the first batch with one message and
the second with another and so on, and on.

This is a really boring problem and we are even thinking about going back to
version 1.0 (it seems that the problema didn´t happen then).  Can anybody
sugest a better solution?

Thanks a lot,

Marcos Euzebio
mailto:marcos.euzebio at bcb.gov.br

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