[Mailman-Users] mailman improvement suggestion (cookies problemes)

Jean-Bernard ADDOR jbaddor at crossworld.echo.org
Tue Mar 14 18:50:05 CET 2000

Hey Mailman users !

I suggest that a password button would be added to the admindb pages. (A
password change button is not needed, but just a password button, in case
of cookies problemes).

A traveling list moderator, accessing the web page for administration, can
fall on a browser without cookies. Cookies problem can also appear at the
server side, for instance we have such a problem since one month, when we
updated mailman and python. The problem is very hard to find and our live
is turning into a nightmare since that.

On the admin page, in case of cookies problem, it is always possible to
introduce the admin passwd in the box "Enter current password:", without
entering nothing in the new password cases. On the contrary, in the
admindb page, there is absolutely no password box, so the only thing we
can do is a cut and past from the web page to a e-mail client and send the
message to the list.

A password box would be very helpfull and I would be very happy to see one
in the next release or even sooner. Thank you to everybody who can help.


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