[Mailman-Users] HTML Editing does not work !!

Markus Kalb mhawk at zgdv.de
Wed Mar 15 11:11:48 CET 2000


i have the mailman software running and is working fine but when i try to
change the html layout with the web interface the changes don't make it 
into the archive even if i delete the index files and let them be 
rectrated with a new mail. And also the changes dont appear in the templates

Could someone please tell me where the error is ? I saw in the mailing list
archive of this list that i'm not the first person with this Problem but 
there was no help to be find in the archive. 

ciao markus 

---- Markus Kalb or MHawk or 49er or The Nighthawk or MarkusK(IRC) -----
----   markus.kalb at zgdv.de or mk at zgdv.de or markus at zgdv.de         -----

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