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Administrador de <xue.unalmed.edu.co> etc etc... johnf at xue.unalmed.edu.co
Fri Mar 17 15:55:56 CET 2000

I've been running into the same problem lately, and I can't blame Mailman,
it seems to be an issue with Sendmail 8.X, wich version are you running?,
you're using linux?. My problems start when I upgrade to RH 6.1 and the
sendmail version included.


On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Marcos Jose Candido Euzebio wrote:

> I checked the archives and there were a few messages on this thread without
> a proper solution being found though, besides waiting for version 1.2.
> We are experimenting the same problem here with our listserver.  We run
> mailman, version 1.1, on top of sendmail.
> There is a list with about 1.700 subscribers.  Mailman delivers the messages
> in four batches (500+500+500+~200) and that is fine, however it insists in
> always duplicating one of the batches, sent twice.  There is no observable
> pattern on the duplication.  It may be the first batch with one message and
> the second with another and so on, and on.
> This is a really boring problem and we are even thinking about going back to
> version 1.0 (it seems that the problema didn´t happen then).  Can anybody
> sugest a better solution?
> Thanks a lot,
> Marcos Euzebio
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