[Mailman-Users] multiple mail message

Marcos José Cândido Euzébio marcos.euzebio at bcb.gov.br
Fri Mar 17 16:24:24 CET 2000

> I've been running into the same problem lately, and I can't
> blame Mailman,
> it seems to be an issue with Sendmail 8.X, wich version are
> you running?,
> you're using linux?. My problems start when I upgrade to RH
> 6.1 and the
> sendmail version included.
> JohnF.

Yes John, I guess ours is a similar environment to yours.
It is mailman 1.1 and sendmail 8.9.3 on the top of linux (redhat 6.1).   And
you are right, the problems started since we upgraded to redhat 6.1.

Well, I don´t know if I fixed the problem or it is only hiding from me (most
problably).  I changed one parameter of the list (number of concurrent
batches, to 10, # subscribers =~ 1.700) and the problem stoped.

I also changed the permissions of the whole mailman tree.  It used to be
root.mailman and I changed it to mailman.mailman.

There were three posts to the list by now and they have been delivered
without duplication.  However, let's see.

Thanks for your reply.

Marcos Euzébio
mailto:marcos.euzebio at bcb.gov.br

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