[Mailman-Users] Problem with posting messages (wrapper returns 2)

Al Youngwert alberty at allnix.com
Mon Mar 20 03:06:44 CET 2000

I figured out my problem: the GID that mailman was configured for did not
match the GID that exim was running the wrapper script from.

Obviously I'm a bozo but I imagine there are enough other bozos out there
that this should probably be in the FAQ. The error was not easy to trace
down because other than what I described below, the only other place it is
reported is in syslog mail.error.

Thanks for the help.

Al Youngwert wrote:

> I'm trying to get mailman ver 1.1 to work on my system. Details are:
> Corel Linux (debian i386)
> Exim version 2.05
> MailMan version 1.1
> The mail system seems to be working properly (local users can send and
> receive mail). Mailman subscriptions seem to work ok also, when I
> subscribed myself from a mail acount on another system and domain, I got
> the welcome message.
> Problem is when I try to post a message to the list I get the following
> error:
> ktgtest at listserv.knosysinc.com:
>     generated |/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post ktgtest:
>     Child process of address_pipe transport returned 2 from command:
>     /home/mailman/mail/wrapper
> So it appears that exim doesn't like the fact that wrapper is returing a
> 2 when it executes. Also, wrapper doesn't appear to be doing anything
> that I can find (although I'm not sure where it puts the message).
> Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> al.
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