[Mailman-Users] Feature questions

Ted Cabeen secabeen at pobox.com
Wed Mar 22 21:42:03 CET 2000

In message <Pine.LNX.4.04.10003221153241.9345-100000 at archer.kd-dev.com>, Derek 
Simkowiak writes:
>> >	What he would like is an MLM that can do a union of subscribers
>> >based on the "To: " field of the email message.
>> Duplicate elimination is really a problem that should be solved at the user
>> end, not at the server end.
>	Why?  One could just as easily state that maintaining recipient
>lists is a problem that should be solved at the user end, not the server

Because you have no idea what people are doing with the mail.  Someone could 
have subscribed an exploder list to yours and someone could get two copies 
that way.  Once a mail has left your list server, anything could happen to 
it.  If a user then didn't want to get a mail twice, they would prevent it 
from happening.  It's also possible that someone is using the number of times 
they get a mail as a measure of it's importance.  By eliminating this option, 
you remove another feature that someone might be using.  

I'm not trying to say that doing duplicate address checking is a bad thing, I 
just feel that it's not something that should be included in mailman itself.  
If you need it, feel free to modify mailman to do it.  I just would prefer 
that we not continue to clutter the Mailman admin interface with this 
particular option.

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