[Mailman-Users] Feature questions

Derek Simkowiak dereks at kd-dev.com
Wed Mar 22 22:07:35 CET 2000

> >	Why?  One could just as easily state that maintaining recipient
> >lists is a problem that should be solved at the user end, not the server
> >end.

> Because you have no idea what people are doing with the mail.  Someone could 
> have subscribed an exploder list to yours and someone could get two copies 
> that way.  Once a mail has left your list server, anything could happen to 
> it.

	I'm not sure what you're point is here.  If the MLM knows that a
copy of a message is going to a particular email address, then sending a
single copy of that message out the MTA seems like a practical, effective
savings of (a) system and network resources, and (b) time and effort of
the people subscribed to those lists.

> It's also possible that someone is using the number of times they get
> a mail as a measure of it's importance.  By eliminating this option,
> you remove another feature that someone might be using.

	It's also possible that pigs will fly out of my butt, or that a
meteor will land on my server and destroy it, but that doesn't mean a vast
majority of people wouldn't want to (automatically) avoid duplicate mail

> I'm not trying to say that doing duplicate address checking is a bad
> thing, I just feel that it's not something that should be included in
> mailman itself.

	Obviously I disagree :).  Personally, I think others would also
find this feature very useful, and I do not think think that a single
checkbox would "clutter" the admin interface.

	I think feedback is needed from other MailMan users to determine
how strong the demand (or objection) is for this feature.  Since no other
MLM (I know of) has this feature, it could be a good competitive edge for

	Of course, I don't know who the project mainter is, and if you're
the project maintainer then your decision stands :).

	Somebody else please give your opinions...


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