[Mailman-Users] Held mail - "fixed"

Robert Davidson hyla at mail.ebbs.com.au
Thu Mar 23 03:28:57 CET 2000

Hi all.

I fixed the mail holding problem I was having in Message.py, it was in
the GetSender() part from memory.  It preferred to use the "Sender:" field
in a message, then failing that, it would use "From:" and failing that it
would use "unixfrom:" or something like that..  It's the first time I've
looked at Python code (I'm a C programmer) must say I like python :)

I simply changed it's preferences around, so it's now From, Sender, unixfrom.

Any problems with this?

The other thing which I havn't researched much is how to make my modified
Message.py into binary code since there is other binary files in that
directory like Messages.pyc and Messages.pyo  (this is a Debian 2.2

How do I make my own .pyc file?  I know how to make a .pyo from a .pyc

Robert Davidson.

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