[Mailman-Users] Re: Feature questions

Aaron Schrab aaron+mailman at schrab.com
Thu Mar 23 10:52:27 CET 2000

At 20:49 -0800 21 Mar 2000, Derek Simkowiak <dereks at kd-dev.com> wrote:
> 	What he would like is an MLM that can do a union of subscribers
> based on the "To: " field of the email message.  So if he sends a message
> To: list1 at server.com, list2 at server.com, list3 at server.com
> 	...and someone is subscribed to 2 or 3 of those lists, that
> someone will receive only ONE copy of the message.  After hearing this

And which list should the message be sent from?  I filter my mail into
different mailboxes based on the list the I got it from, and the
difference in when I read those mailboxes can easily be several days.
I'd be quite upset if an important message that was crossposted to both
high and low priority mailing lists that I'm on got filed into a low
priority mailbox because of a feature like this.

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