[Mailman-Users] Portuguese Interface

Leonardo Lazarte llazarte at maloca.oca.org.br
Tue Mar 28 10:01:28 CEST 2000


   I begun using Mailman because is seems simpler to use and
   configure than majordomo, and seems to have a better interface
   for subscribers and list administrators.

   But... I am having a hard time translating messages for
   users (to Portuguese). I translate files, but what I would
   think are the corresponding pages, appear with a mixture
   of English and Portuguese.

   Could somebody point to me which would be the more `natural`
   way to do this? (For example: translate first files X, Y and Z,
   and then compile; or ....).

   Do any of you know of somebody which has made this translation
   to Portuguese? (A colegue of mine has done some patchy work,
   and we could join efforts with other people).

   Thanx in advance for any help,

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