[Mailman-Users] Portuguese Interface

Juan Carlos Rey Anaya jcrey at uma.es
Tue Mar 28 12:57:07 CEST 2000

Leonardo Lazarte wrote:
> Hi,
>    I begun using Mailman because is seems simpler to use and
>    configure than majordomo, and seems to have a better interface
>    for subscribers and list administrators.
>    But... I am having a hard time translating messages for
>    users (to Portuguese). I translate files, but what I would
>    think are the corresponding pages, appear with a mixture
>    of English and Portuguese.
>    Do any of you know of somebody which has made this translation
>    to Portuguese? (A colegue of mine has done some patchy work,
>    and we could join efforts with other people).

Soon, very soon, Barry will release a new version of Mailman in which,
support for internationalization (i18n) will be included.

The following should be done in order to achieve translation into a
desired language:
1) Translate templates
2) Translate a plain text file with all messages that mailman has inside
source code.
3) Sign the appropriate forms to assign copyright of the translations to
the Free Software Foundation.

Tell your friend not to lose his time doing something that's already
been done, tell him to subscribe to mailman-i18n list to cooperate later
about i18n issues. the ones who desire to synchronize themselves to
translate catalog of messages are also members of this list. 

The portuguese translation was assigned to "Fabio Dorival Victorelli"
<fabio at conectiva.com.br>. You should contact him to ask for the actual
status of translation.

Other translations in progress are:
Brian Takashi Hooper <brian at garage.co.jp> --> Japanese
Liborio Revilla Alonso <scsreall at sc.ehu.es> -> Euskera
Mads Kiilerich <mk at solit.dk> --> Danish
Michael Sobolev <mss at transas.com> --> Russian
Pioppo  <pioppo at ferrara.linux.it> --> Italian
Mats Haglund <matsh at iirutb.se> --> Suedish
Peter Muessig-Trapp <muessig at his.de>, --> German
Dan Ohnesorg <dan at feld.cvut.cz> --> Czec
tatooine.sistelnet.es (Eduardo Fernandez Corrales) and myself --> Spain

Those wanting to work on support for other languages should notify the 
mailman-i18n list. 

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