[Mailman-Users] automatic remove??

Dan Mick dan.mick at West.Sun.COM
Thu Mar 30 01:11:32 CEST 2000

Pete Holsberg wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Steve Ruby wrote:
> > It isn't exactly the same but you can remove yourself from a list via
> > email if that is what you are after
> >
> > just sent mail to
> >
> > listname-request at listdomain.com
> >
> > with subject or body reading
> > unsubscribe <password>
> I would like the subscriber to be able to email
> remove at whatever.dom and have mailman interpret that as an
> unsubscribe request. These are mostly naive subscibers.

If whatever.dom has exactly one mailing list that it serves,
this scheme would work; otherwise, you're doomed to failure;
your subscribers are just going to have to learn to read directions.

If you really only have one mailing list at that domain, then alias
'remove' to a script, perhaps Procmail or Deliver, that turns around
and sends mail of the right form to <list>-request at whatever.dom
with "unsubscribe <password> address=<subscriber address>".  You
can look up the password from the Python database with a small
modification to bin/withlist; if you need me to dig out my hack
to do that, I can.

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