[Mailman-Users] Archiver missing messages

andrew at ugh.net.au andrew at ugh.net.au
Tue May 2 01:20:24 CEST 2000

Hi Everyone,

I'm running Mailman 2.0b2 with postfix 19991231.06 under FreeBSD
4.0-STABLE. I've just noticed that the archives indicate there have only
been 5 posts to a particular list when there are in fact more. Having I
quick check I find the last several posts are appended to the end of the
previous post.

It appears this is because the first line of the latter posts don't start
with from but actually Return-Path...So where is the
bug/misconfiguration? I assume its the post script that sticks things in
the archive...alas I don't know python. It may have started around the
time postfix was upgraded but I'm not sure...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


PS I'm not on the list so please CC me.

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