[Mailman-Users] updating aliases file.

Krist van Besien krist at West.NL
Tue May 2 15:08:31 CEST 2000

Hello all,

When you create a new list using newlist the /etc/aliases file is not
automatically updated. I understand that this used to be done in previous
versions, but that the alias file update is currently broken. 
So I am now faced with a problem. I want to deploy mailman at a clients
site, and really need an automatic update. So I could go out and write
some wrapper script that would do the trick, or try to hack mailman itself.

But the I'd run the danger of doing something that someone else might
already have done, and being the lazy programmer I am I'd like to avoid
that :-)

So hence my questions:
Will the /etc/aliases update work in the next release? If so, how long till
we see it?
Has somedbody maybe an interim patch to make this feature work? Or has
somebody another solution?



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