[Mailman-Users] updating aliases file.

Gerhard Gonter gonter at maestria.wu-wien.ac.at
Tue May 2 15:28:11 CEST 2000

According to Krist van Besien:
> When you create a new list using newlist the /etc/aliases file is not
> automatically updated. I understand that this used to be done in previous
> versions, but that the alias file update is currently broken. 

I don't think this is "broken", it's simply not done any more because
it's not necessarily a good idea for everyone.  Some sites, do not use
/etc/aliases or have completely different requirements.  E.g. we are
updating our aliases from a central database.

> So I am now faced with a problem. I want to deploy mailman at a clients
> site, and really need an automatic update. So I could go out and write
> some wrapper script that would do the trick, or try to hack mailman itself.
The hack is, as far as I can see, *very* simple.  You basically have
to replace the print statement with a write statement, bracketet
by a open/close.

> So hence my questions:
> Will the /etc/aliases update work in the next release?
I hope not, this would break things for other sites.

> If so, how long till we see it?
> Has somedbody maybe an interim patch to make this feature work? Or has
> somebody another solution?
Just hack newlist, this should be quite straight forward.

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