[Mailman-Users] updating aliases file.

Krist van Besien krist at West.NL
Tue May 2 16:11:12 CEST 2000

As quoted from Nigel Metheringham:
> krist at West.NL said:
> > So I am now faced with a problem. I want to deploy mailman at a
> > clients site, and really need an automatic update. So I could go out
> > and write some wrapper script that would do the trick, or try to hack
> > mailman itself. 
> All of these methods are wrong.  You need a means that actually 
> integrates your MLM & MTA so that the MTA knows of the lists handled by 
> the MLM.   This can certainly be done for exim, and I have heard of 
> people doing similar things for postfix and sendmail.

When you run newlist the rpogram ends printing out the lines you manually
need to add to /etc/aliases. I just need a wqay to add these automatically.

Exim is not an option for me, I need to use sendmail. If there are better
ways to integrate mailman with sendmail other then having a way to add
lines to /etc/aliases I'd be glad to learn about them.

I've started to hack on the alias-wrapper program found in
<mailman-source>/src directory, but which had aparently been commmented out
in the Makefile. See if I can make that work.


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