[Mailman-Users] setting up Mailman on a RaQ

Bruno Postle bruno at postle.net
Tue May 2 19:42:13 CEST 2000

On Mon 01-May-2000 at 11:19:39PM +0300, Alexander wrote:
> >
> >I've just finished setting up mailman on a RaQ3 (which is basically a
> >redhat box with a normal amd processor not a mips chip).

<snip depressing sounding noises about cobalt>

> Very very sad.
> CObalt RQ's are so simple to adminster.
> I guess perhaps I should go for a normal based Linux OS server???
> Any help from all of you will be much appreciated.
> Is there no hope with the Raq3?

Sorry if I sounded really down on the RaQ. I'm no Unix guru and I got
mailman working ok - The web-admin still works perfectly well just as it
did before.

The choice is quite straight-forward:

1. If you want a box that's primarily a list-server, with no customer
   web-sites hosted. There is absolutely no reason to go for a RaQ. No
   'configuration wizard' is going to help you there.

2. If on the other hand, you want to host a number of 'virtual domains'
   for lots of different customers (and let them get on with it without
   bothering you) with mailman list-serving as a secondary function - a RaQ
   is still a viable option (if you like that sort of thing).

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