[Mailman-Users] Trouble with SSL and forms

Jeff.Lessem+mailman at Colorado.EDU Jeff.Lessem+mailman at Colorado.EDU
Thu May 4 22:34:38 CEST 2000

I am setting up Mailman 1.1 and I am having some difficulty getting
the subscription page to work with SSL.  I believe I have Apache setup
correctly, I can access the page through my SSL server, and have a
REDIRECT permanent /mailman/ https://ibgwww.colorado.edu/mailman/
on the non-SSL server.

The problem is that the general listinfo page (/mailman/listinfo/test)
does not work correctly.  Anytime any form is submitted it comes back
with the "You must supply a valid email address.  You must supply a
valid password, and confirm it." response.  The problem seems to be
that the forms are setup like


despite the 

DEFAULT_URL       = 'https://ibgwww.colorado.edu/mailman'

line in mm_cfg.py.  The admin forms are setup as 

<FORM action="../../admin/test/members" method="POST">

which works correctly.

If I turn off redirect then the listinfo page works correctly, but
that defeats the purpose of using SSL, which is to force some security
on even naive users.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff Lessem.

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