[Mailman-Users] delete virus from archives?

Jonathan F. Dill dill at umbi.umd.edu
Fri May 5 22:04:07 CEST 2000

Hello everybody,

Yesterday's e-mail worm got sent to some of our Mailman lists and now
it's in the message archives for those lists.  Because of the way the
archive messages are presented, I don't think you can "get" the virus by
checking out the archives, and obviously you would have to be pretty
dumb to copy the code from that page, save it to a file, and
deliberately make yourself infected, but I still would like to delete it
from the message archives.

Any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.

"Jonathan F. Dill" (dill at umbi.umd.edu)
CARB Systems and Network Administrator
Home Page:  http://www.umbi.umd.edu/~dill

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