[Mailman-Users] visibility of public lists

Phillip Porch root at theporch.com
Sat May 6 15:12:39 CEST 2000

I am running Mailman on the cvs image from today and just noticed a slight
problem. (version 2.0beta3)

I have several lists defined and 3 of them are publicly-advertised. If I
go to:


I only see one list as being pubicly-advertised (beer) but If I click on
the list-admin overview link, that page correctly shows the 3
publicly-advertised lists.

I went to the privacy options page for the lists that are not showing up
on the initial page and confirmed that Advertise this list when people ask
what lists are on this machine is set to yes and clicked submit to make
sure that the option was set but I still don't see the lists on the
initial listino page.

Any suggestions hints to make this work?

Phillip P. Porch <root at sco.theporch.com>  NIC:PP1573     finger for 
http://www.theporch.com  UTM - 16 514548E 3994397N          PGP key

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