[Mailman-Users] Lists embedded in aliases

Andreas Marienborg omega at palle.net
Mon May 8 17:28:15 CEST 2000

if you look at the admin pages for your lists, you shall
find several options that might solve your problem...

1) you can turn of the "nedd autorization" thing..
	i can't remember the exact name, but that should
	be no problem finding if you look around the admin

2) you can add the email addresses of people allowed to send to the lists
	mailman has the option of allowing mail from specific addresses
	to pass trough the moderator request things..it to can be adjusted
	from the admin pages for the lists in question

hope this helps


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We have an "emergency" mail alias that forwards mail to 3 mailing lists.
When I sent mail to "emergency" I got mail back for each of the three lists
that said

   Your mail to 'Page-system' with the subject

       goin' for broke. this is a test.

   Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

   The reason it is being held:

       Message has implicit destination

(Page-system was replaced by the name of whichever list was replying)

Obviously this is not desirable for an alias like "emergency" where the mail
needs to hit all the lists immediately. I tried to find an option that would
turn this feature off for each of the lists, but didn't find anything. It
would be ok with me to disable this behavior altogether for our installation
of mailman if that is what's necessary to disable it for this particular

Can anyone suggest how I would go about disabling this?

Thanks in advance. By the way we are on mailman-2.0beta2 on Solaris 2.7.

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