[Mailman-Users] umbrella lists

Andrew Winter andy at arch.usyd.EDU.AU
Wed May 10 03:43:03 CEST 2000

I'm trying to set up some umbrella / cascading lists.

I had no luck under mailman 1.1, so i recently upgraded mailman to 2.0b2.

what i really want is to set up secured cascading lists, so that a member
of one of the lists can mail to all of the lists, without moderation, but
external people cannot mail to the lists without moderation.

we have a tree -

	General			Academic		dept1		dept2
     d1gen  d2gen   	      d1ac   d2ac	     d1gen d1ac    d2gen d2ac

I would like a member of d1gen to mail allstaff w/o moderation, or to mail
academic or general (or dept1 or dept2) w/o moderation

a member of allstaff is the general_staff list (no 'real' members)
a member of general_staff is the d1gen list (no 'real' members)

allstaff is set up as members only

general is set up as members only, plus allstaff at arch.usyd.edu.au
also alias names set up to include allstaff (list above) and d1gen, d2gen
(lists below)

A member of d1gen mails d1gen - the msg goes thru fine.
A member of d1gen mails general - requiresapproval
A member of d1gen mails allstaff - requires approval by allstaff moderator,
when approved requires subsequent aproval of general moderator.

any ideas on how i can set mailman up so that the tree allows any member
anywhere in the tree to mail any other branch of the tree without
moderation, but people who do not appear on the tree require moderation.

my current test (to minimise configs) is for a member of d1gen to mail
general. I'm getting 'Post by non-member to a members-only list' messages.
I've tried changing the general mailing list to "Send password reminders
to, eg, "-owner" address instead of directly to user" (which as the admin
docs say is the umbrella flag in mailman), but this hasnt helped.

I tried setting general to unmoderated and d1gen to moderated.
someone on d1gen mails d1gen and it goes thru.
someone on d1gen mails general and it requires moderation.

Any advice appreciated
(at the moment it's time to unmoderate the lists)


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